July 2014

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Important - Aircraft Noise - Keep writing!

Aviation Picutre
You will be aware by now that the number of aircraft flying over our Parish has increased significantly this summer. This is due to Gatwick Airport (and Heathrow) implementing a new routing system on take-off. Gatwick implemented this in November 2013 but it has become very noticeable in the last few weeks because of the increased schedules out of Gatwick (and Heathrow) as the holiday season reaches its climax.
Go to Stop Press to find out more and what you can do to oppose this change

Or click here to go directly to the Gatwick consultation page where you can still view the consultation documents

This consultation finished on the 14th August 2014
However, there are three actions that you can still take to influence the final decision on these Noise Preferential Routes.
1. You can still write to the Government Organisations (CAA and DFT) that will make the final decision. So do this NOW and get your voice heard. Oppose the proposed shift north of Runway 26 Noise Preferential Route (RWY 26 NPR)
2. Complain as often as possible to the Gatwick noise line (see Stop Press for quick link)
3. Write to your MP etc.

Prefer to write a letter rather than the online consultation
Write as well to the
Department of Transport
Sir Paul Beresford
Even  PM 10 Downing St

Then Click HERE  to find addresses









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