July 2014

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Aircraft overhead
There are two very important consultations/reviews taking place at present, the results of which will have a huge impact on the quality of life in Betchworth for the foreseeable future.
Consultation number 1
Post Implementation Review (PIR) on flight path changes from Gatwick.
Personal and stakeholder submission opportunities finished on the 5th January 2015.
However you can still help influence the CAA and Gatwick (See Stop Press news item No 1 click here) by complaining about aircraft noise from Gatwick
To View Betchworth Parish Councils submission to the CAA please click here
Consultation number 2 (See Stop Press item No 2)
Increasing the UKs long-term aviation capacity (Gatwick versus Heathrow)
This consultation ends on 3rd February 2015 11:45pm
This is your very last chance to have your say.
Act today - tomorrow could be too late.

The airspace above London and the South East is the most complex in the world, according to NATS





























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