Climate Action and Re-Betchworth

Rewilding, recycling, reducing, reusing, restoring, rethinking, reinventing, reconnecting

Re-Betchworth is the village initiative formed to mitigate the effects of climate change and create a greener, more bio-diverse and sustainable local environment.  We work to enhance our own lives and well-being now, and those of generations to come.

Much has been achieved already:

  • A core team has formed to improve biodiversity, both in our gardens and communal spaces.
  • 120 bird boxes have been assembled and put up, along with some bug hotels.
  • A wildflower strip has been established on the Green.
  • We’ve held five online educational talks and built a website.
  • We’re working on making our local footpaths more accessible and held our first village cycle ride.

Forward plans include:

  • Establishing a Jubilee Woodland
  • Building teams to get a Forest/Outdoor School going.
  • Sharing more information on domestic energy options, and e-cars.
  • Looking at waste reduction and recycling.
  • Bringing our village apple orchard back into production.
  • Encouraging active travel: improving our walking and family-safe cycling options.
  • Working up the many other ideas that emerged in village discussions.

There’s much more to do, so please join us on this journey.  To contact the core team, please email


For further information visit

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